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Beach Dodgeball Ladders Thursday



Hi all volleyballers, as you may have noticed there are some  exciting changes being made. Well here is another easy one for you to view fixtures, results and ladders. Follow steps below

STEP 1: Press this link–vic-beach-altona/

STEP 2: Enter your team name, or select your sport.

STEP 3: You then select 1 of 3 options on the right hand side. ladders-fixtures-results

STEP 4: Select fixtures. This will then display your fixture for the rest of the season. you can also check out results and ladder postions.


For all smartphone users simply put sportskeepglobal into your webrowser and then find VicBeach Altona (Select) Then press add to home screen, this will save to your screen so you can access the website anytime. Preety Cool- Any worries please call Steve 0410 613 545


This website will no longer be in use at the end of the week
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